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Boarding & Daycare

Dog accommodations

We offer two types of pet boarding rooms for your fur babies! 

  • Indoor/Outdoor Runs: Where each dog has access to its own outside area, as well as accommodations in our climate-controlled building. 

  • Indoor Suites: Where your dog stays entirely in our climate-controlled facility with a quiet room that is made to look more "homey" for them to have a more relaxing time for their stay

All dogs will get play time and bathroom breaks outside in a secure and enclosed area. All animal waste is cleaned up instantly 

Reservations are strongly encouraged for our pet boarding services!

Go to the website below to fill out you and your pet's information and to book your reservation online 

click on customer login and if you are new to our facility click create account to get started.

If you prefer you can call us instead to book a reservation 

Indoor/Outdoor Runs


Your dog will be able to enjoy having a climate controlled area inside our building away from the elements to either share alone or with their friend (if you have more than one who is boarding with us.). They will also be able to have their own private outdoor gravel run to get some fresh air as well. Your dog wont ever have to go to the bathroom inside. All pets who stay with us will have ample time outside to have their bathroom breaks as to keep them healthy, and keep up with their own bathroom schedules they're use to when they are at their own homes. 

Prices for our Indoor/Outdoor Runs are below:

  • $30.00 per night per dog ( If you want your dog (s) to share a run with your other dog, then those next dog (s) will be 25.00 per night).

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Indoor Suites 

Give your pup a fancier and comfortable stay in our climate controlled and quiet rooms! 


  • $45.00 per night per suite

  • Shared Suites: $45.00 for first dog/ $30.00 for other dogs

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